This is a list of a few open source programs I’ve worked on. Most of them are one-offs and aren’t actively maintained. This list is non-comprehensive and is a showcase of the projects I consider the most interesting.

Lorewalker Cho

Lorewalker Cho is a fully functional Discord bot that plays games where it asks trivia questions related to the game World of Warcraft. The bot is written in Python 3 and uses the wonderful library and uses PostgreSQL as a backend for storing Discord server configurations and scoreboards.


  • Allows setting custom trivia channels and prefixes (admin only).
  • Is able to error correct misspelled words in answers.
  • Keeps track of player scores in the Discord server.

Want to add questions to Lorewalker Cho? Create an issue on GitHub and use the question-request label. Include your question text, answer and topic of the question being submitted.


NES RS is a work in progress NES emulator written in Rust. The name is subject to change and I aim to eventually deliver a full featured emulator.

This is a list of my long term goals for the project that I do not expect to be done for a long time.

  • Make the emulator as accurate as possible
  • Automated testing of the CPU with existing test roms
  • Automated testing of the PPU (frame by frame compare)
  • RPC-like api to allow external scripts change the emulator state (e.g. making a player AI using machine learning)
  • Full featured debugger accessible through a command-line interface


Notch is a CHIP-8 virtual machine written in Rust. I wrote it after getting interested in emulation from the Ferris Makes Emulators stream. It has worked with all games I threw at it so far, but can use a little polishing and refactoring.


“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

– Jeff Goldblum’s one character from Jurassic Park

MLBF is a Brainfuck interpreter written in C that supports peephole optimizations. Code is fed through stdin and output is written to stdout. If you ever wanted to use brainfuck in your scripting environment this is the right tool for you (please don’t).

MLBF can also convert brainfuck to C, which can then be passed to a compiler and turned into native code. Depending on the optimization level used, compilation may take a while; however when used with programs like mandlebrot.b, performance increases as much as 6x can be seen at runtime.